GEDORE – Hand Tools

GEDORE = GE (GEbrüder) + DO (Dowidat) + RE (REmscheid)


Working safer and more productively with GEDORE hand tools.

GEDORE is a leading manufacturer of premium quality, high-performance tools worldwide. Since 1919, they have been producing top-notch, innovative tools in Remscheid, Germany. GEDORE and its affiliated companies are recognized globally for their superior quality, cutting-edge design, top-level craftsmanship, reliable performance, and exceptional customer service.

GEDORE operates through its distributors in over 70 countries, delivering their top-tier tools to customers for several decades. Currently, the company manufactures a total of over 16,000 products for distribution.

The central management of this multinational company is located in Germany, with production facilities across various countries including Germany, Brazil, England, Austria, and South Africa, employing around 2,400 workers worldwide.



From the Manufacturing Plant to the World Market

The success story of GEDORE began on December 12, 1919, in Remscheid, Germany. Karl, Otto, and Willi Dowidat, a trio of audacious individuals, initiated the company with minimal capital, relying solely on a few hand tools. They named their venture GEDORE by combining the first letters of their surnames, incorporating their family name and the locality into the brand’s identity.



Success through Quality

High-quality toolboxes produced by Dowidat have started to gain recognition among both individual consumers and industrial companies due to their durable construction and impeccable craftsmanship. Following the success of the world’s leading manufacturer of wrenches, GEDORE, which produces a wide range of toolboxes, Dowidat expanded its production to the automotive manufacturing sector. At that time, their initial established workshop, which started small, relocated to Lüttringhausen in 1926, and now the company’s headquarters are still located there.


Center of Modern Tool Manufacturing

GEDORE has become a well-known and respected manufacturer in the field of professional toolbox production, based in Remscheid. For instance, the toolbox set first introduced by GEDORE in the 1930s, known today as ‘GEDORE nut boxes’ (socket sets), persisted through the challenges of wartime. Despite encountering difficulties during the war in manufacturing and operations, GEDORE successfully resumed its high-quality production afterward, leading to subsequent rapid growth. The company has expanded its production, introducing innovative products such as the Alu-Dremometer and 1B socket sets, contributing to the advancement of the toolbox industry.


Setting foot in the Global Market

The GEDORE company emerged in the 1960s without any external investment, and despite facing limitations in manufacturing capacity and profitability, it managed to partially meet market demand and generate some profit. By enhancing manufacturing capacity and aiming for increased customer satisfaction, GEDORE implemented a new expansion strategy targeting international markets. This involved establishing new facilities in countries such as Brazil, England, Austria, and former African nations. Additionally, by collaborating with distribution companies, GEDORE has expanded its presence to numerous other countries, currently serving as a supplier in over 70 countries worldwide.

Forging Competence


Gedore utilizes advanced forged steel technology with over 150 years of expertise and produces the largest hydraulic lifting equipment in Europe. They manufacture their own hoisting equipment in addition to using DIN 10243-F standards for forging. They also cater to customer requests using DIN 10243-E standards. Engineers of the highest caliber meticulously assess critical areas of every piece of equipment to ensure quality assurance at every stage of production.

Tightening Torque Expertise, Know-How


In 2016, the GEDORE Group expanded its range of manufacturing capabilities in the torque sector and knowledge, consolidating them under the establishment of the GEDORE Torque division. This high-level expertise in torque solutions has positioned Gedore as a leading provider in the industry, capable of producing torque up to 60,000 Nm with a precision of 0.04. Their offerings include electronic and manual torque wrenches, torque multipliers, testers, high-torque wrenches with electronic measurement, batteries, adapters, sockets, and hydraulic tools. Additionally, they provide calibration services through laboratories accredited by DAkks.

Gedore Automotive

GEDORE_Automotivekompetenz_Preview_395x240 (1)

Since 1978, the Gedore company has been manufacturing specialized toolkits for the automotive industry, catering to both assembly and maintenance needs for cars and vehicles. Consolidating its expertise in the automotive sector, Gedore established the “GEDORE Automotive” division in 2016, aimed at enhancing its presence in Germany and many other countries, holding patents for over 90 innovative designs. GEDORE Automotive focuses on developing high-quality tools tailored for the automotive industry, designed to improve efficiency in assembly, maintenance, and repair tasks. Their products are meticulously crafted to meet stringent safety standards and are utilized across various segments of the automotive maintenance and repair industry.