The primary focus of KLEENOIL PANOLIN AG are PANOLIN lubricants, which are environmentally friendly synthetic materials, as well as KLEENOIL Microfiltration – oil filtration systems. With the assistance of these products, we provide exceptional protection and filtration for oil and hydraulic systems.

Our core values ​​include excellence, environmental consciousness, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We aim to utilize environmentally friendly lubricants for long-term use, incorporating cutting-edge technologies in oil filtration systems, and crude oil technology to offer efficient solutions. We are committed to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to each customer’s needs.



By using KLEENOIL Microfiltration a major part of the harmful contamination, even microparticles down to 1 micron and water are removed in the by-pass. This way oils can maintain a good cleanliness for a long time. Thereby ideal functionality as well as an excellent wear protection can be achieved.

System failures, wear and breakdowns are decreased by reducing the contamination in the oil. The ageing process of the fluid is decelerated because most of the harmful solid contaminants with catalytic effect as well as water are removed. The longevity of the oils is maintained and oil change intervals can be extended considerably. This reduces costs and protects the environment.

The major advantages are the extension of the machine and component lifetime as well as the reduction of the risk of breakdowns and thus a higher degree of machine availability.