SEPAR FILTER – Fuel Filter

The Willibrord Lösing Filterproduktion GmbH develops products related to the fuel system. The focus is always on reducing engine wear as much as possible in order to ensure long-term, trouble-free operation. Our systems for separating water and particles are based on many years of experience with the best results.

The Willibrord Lösing Filterproduktion GmbH offers a multitude of technical solutions in the field of filtration under the brand name SEPAR.


History: Willibrord Lösing Filtertechnik e. K. was established in October 1955.

___________In 1970, the company expanded its operations to two branches in Germany and later established a branch in Austria, aiming to provide our customers with fully equipped facilities and top-quality materials tailored to their needs. Prior to establishing a subsidiary in Florida, USA, another branch was set up in Leipzig in 1995

___________With the aim of enhancing our production capacity and technological advancements to meet the growing market demands, we have continually invested in expanding our production facilities and improving product innovations. As of today, we have produced over 11,000 different materials, all originating from a single source.

Our motto “Everything from a single source” reflects our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions.

___________Since 1982, our filtration production facility has witnessed significant expansion, reflecting the growing demand for filtration solutions in the market.

By the year 2000, filter production had already reached such a scale that new buildings had to be occupied. The entire operation has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since the year 2000.